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Gun Builder ELITE 2: Cuztomize rifles

Gun Builder Elite 2 is a part game, part simulation, that allows users customize different guns on their iPhones. With its detailed and comprehensive features, Gun Builder Elite 2 offers an unmatched experience for anyone fascinated by firearm mechanics and design.

Gun Builder Elite 2 features

Below are the key features of Gun Builder Elite 2:

Make Your Own Gun Collection

At the core of Gun Builder Elite 2 is the chance to make a bunch of different guns. Whether you like old-school guns or the newest ones, this game has it all. You can put together various types of firearms, from well-known pistols to high-tech sniper rifles. There are lots of guns and parts to choose from, so you can make all kinds of unique guns.

Customize in Detail

What makes this game really special is how much you can customize your guns. You can change small things like how long the barrel is or what kind of handle it has. You can also add cool stuff like different sights or camouflages to make your gun look just the way you want. This game pays attention to the little details, making it feel like you're really working on a gun.

Test Your Guns

After you've made your gun, you can test it out in the game. Gun Builder Elite 2 has places where you can see how your gun works. You can practice shooting at targets in different settings to see how well your gun does. This part of the game is fun and lets you see how good your custom gun is.

Show Off Your Guns

For those who are proud of their gun creations, the game has a feature where you can show off your guns. You can save them, organize them, and display them in your own virtual Gun Rack. It's a cool way to share your designs with friends and other players.

What kinds of guns can you build?

Gun Builder Elite 2 stands out for its extensive catalog of firearm parts and models. You’re not just building generic guns; you're crafting replicas of real-world firearms. The game grants access to dozens of base models, including:

  • Assault rifles like the M4A1, M16, AK, SCAR, and FAMAS
  • Handguns such as the Glock, Desert Eagle, and P99
  • Shotguns including the SPAS, Remington, and Mossberg
  • Machine guns like the M60 and MG 3

To these, you can add a variety of unique parts like barrels, stocks, sights, and under-barrel attachments. The culmination of your efforts can then be tested in a dynamic 3D shooting range, bringing your virtual creations to life.

Gun Builder Elite 2 is more than just a game; it’s a virtual workshop for firearm enthusiasts. With its detailed customization, vast selection of real-world guns, and immersive testing environments, it offers a unique and engaging experience.


  • Big variety of rifles to customize
  • Test your guns


  • Repetitive

Program available in other languages

Gun Builder ELITE 2for iOS


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