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Keep track of every story detail

Granthika is an application developed by a novelist for novelists. It’s super handy in the fact that it enables you to keep track of various important details while also helping you stay on course while writing.

Gets rid of confusion

Granthika is a creative writing application that enables you to organize the details of your story as you are creating it. This application could be incredibly useful for writers who create worlds for their stories.

In Sanskrit, Granthika means 'narrator' or 'relator.' This meaningful name paints a picture of the aim of this handy writing program. Its goal is to become reliable support to writers struggling to piece together various ideas into a coherent picture.

In its outline, Granthika is a bundle of tools in a single package. It will serve as a database, an editor, and a timeline creator.

In its database feature, you may write down and gather various information about your characters, events and location. Then, tag them with appropriate descriptions and labels for easy access when you're working.

The editor functionality is also quite powerful, not only correcting your writing issues but also providing a word-processing tool for printing and showcasing.

Finally, the visual timeline is the best for keeping track of events. As you write, the system will place parts of the text on a timeline. Once it does, you may easily rearrange chapters and scenes from the sidebar menu.

Granthika isn't free, but it does come with a two-week free trial for you to see whether you need everything it has to offer. If you're writing an elaborate story or world-building for any other reason, its functionalities provide an innovative way to aid you in the process.

Where can you run this program?

This app runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows. On Mac, you’ll need OS X or higher, and on Windows, Granthika needs OS versions 7 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Granthika is unique in its features and no alternatives exist at the moment. However, if you’re looking for simpler tools to help your writing, Evernote is a platform for keeping track of notes, while Grammarly serves as a fantastic writing assistant.

Our take

Granthika is an ambitious project aiming to facilitate all the essential tasks of a writer. If you can put up with a learning curve that comes with it, it can be fantastic.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you generally struggle to keep track of parts of your writing. If you only need a helping hand and not a full set of tools, though, go for alternatives.


  • Provides easy access to extensive sections
  • Visual timeline creation option
  • A great writing guide
  • A flexible chunk of text movement for restructuring


  • No multimedia support
  • Too complex for some

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Program available in other languages

Granthikafor Mac


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