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Demo version

Some indie games are great for killing some time and Mushroom Oasis is definitely one of them. It has an interesting story that takes you into it. This is the demo version that you can enjoy on a Windows PC and it is free. However, you need to pay a one-time fee to get the full game on its official website.

What is Mushroom Oasis about?

"Mushroom Oasis" is a game demo where you look for your missing cat in a peaceful forest. This adventure takes you through the first two days of gameplay. You meet a mysterious stranger along the way who might help you find your cat.

Demo and full game features

Check out this game’s demo and full features below:

Current Demo Features:

  • You can play through Day 1 and Day 2 completely.
  • The game has original artwork and backgrounds.
  • There is one character to interact with.
  • You can reach four different endings: three are bad, one is neutral.
  • The demo lasts about 60 minutes.

In the "Mushroom Oasis" demo, players get a good taste of the game’s style and story. Here's what the demo includes:

  • Complete Early Gameplay: The demo lets you play the entire first two days, showing how the game works and what the story is about.
  • Visuals: It features unique artwork and scenes that make the game’s forest setting come to life.
  • Meet a Character: There’s one character in the demo who adds intrigue to the story as you interact with them.
  • Different Outcomes: Depending on your choices, you can see different endings. This makes you want to play the demo more than once to see all the possible outcomes.
  • Quick to Play: The demo is short enough that you can finish it in about an hour, making it easy to see if you like the game.

The full version of "Mushroom Oasis" will build on what the demo starts. It will offer more detailed art, more characters to meet, and more endings to discover. While we don't yet know how long the full game will take to play, it will definitely offer a lot more content and hours of gameplay.


  • Engaging story
  • Free demo
  • 60 minutes of gameplay


  • Not the full game
  • Can be buggy at times

Program available in other languages

Mushroom Oasis [DEMO]for Windows


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