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Third-person action-adventure Windows game

Grand Theft Auto III (GTA) is the third installment of the fast-paced adventure game series. This time, the action takes you to Liberty City for even more crime-ridden action. The open-world game design lets you roam around the city, conducting missions for the Mafia in your own time and style.

Tried-and-tested format

Rockstar Games applies the same basic principles at work in the rest of the franchise to their third GTA game. You return to the seedy underworld inhabited by a diverse cast of characters from all walks of life. The dark, ruthless crime-filled open world is yours to explore.

This release uses the series’ recognizable artwork style and cutscenes to tell the story, with stellar voice acting and dark humor supporting the plot. Like Retro City Rampage DX, it’s a throwback to the ’90s culture, filled with references and nods to nostalgic pop-culture elements.

Diverse gameplay options

You begin as a nameless criminal, double-crossed during a bank robbery. You escape the police with the help of the Italian Mafia.

After the introduction, you’re off on an odyssey of non-linear missions for the various organized crime factions in the 3D world. Like in Saints Row, you’ll encounter a series of unique street gangs and well-developed criminal organizations full of professionally voiced characters.

Of course, you don’t have to obey the event structure from beginning to end. You can take a detour to do side-quests, investigate your environment, and test out the cars and weapons on the road, though it’s a scarce selection. There is so much you can do, and the central plot will be there to return to whenever you’re ready. 

Open-world but structured

The massive GTA III environment offers an astonishing number of varied missions that give a sense of organization to the open-world maps. You’ll start off performing simple little tasks, which grow increasingly difficult as you progress.

There are also mini-missions to check out. They don’t progress the main storyline much but help the world feel alive on your PC screen.

Our take

Overall, the developers did a fantastic job with GTA III. It escalates all the most thrilling elements of the previous two releases for long-lasting entertainment. It’s nothing compared to the scale of GTA V, though.

Should you download it?

Yes. Whether you want to follow a campaign, explore your surroundings, or engage in random criminal activities, this game has you covered.


  • Massive open-world map
  • Non-linear story progression
  • Endless missions
  • Detailed characters
  • Excellent visuals
  • Witty dialogue


  • Lacks vehicle and weapon diversity

Grand Theft Auto IIIfor Windows


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