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Tekken 7 by Bandai Namco Entertainment is the seventh main installment in the fighting game series. It's the first time the adrenaline-packed franchise graces PC screens on Windows. The variety, roster of returning and new characters, and fantastic graphics create a more immersive gameplay experience than ever before.

Emotionally-charged storyline

Tekken 7 continues the previous titles’ Mishima Saga, following the 20-year feud storyline. In this entry, the family drama unveils even further, creating an emotionally-charged backdrop for brutal fights. 

While not the final game in the series, it concludes this long-lasting plot. You’ll get answers to several questions about the Mishima clan through text introductions, cutscenes, loading screens, and even fights. 

Familiar gameplay, new features

There are over 40 characters in this game, each with a place in the narrative and a distinctive skill set to explore. You'll discover new mechanics too, mostly in the form of cinematic effects and the equivalent of fatalities.

You may need to take advantage of the practice mode before you enter actual fights. The number of combinations surpasses even Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, making Tekken 7 quite challenging to master. 

While you have to pay to get the full game on your PC, the free trial on Steam showcases everything it has to offer. Most game modes are online, but the AI-powered Treasure Battle, regular 1v1 combat, and the practice mode are available without an internet connection. 

Looks better than ever

The PC game lives up to the lofty expectations, with familiar gameplay on a renewed, Unreal Engine-powered 3D battleground. Everything is realistically rendered, with detailed backgrounds and refined character designs. 

You can customize your fighter too. Add accessories, battle gear, and change their outfits. As you gather Fight Money, you can unlock extra content such as cinematic recordings of Tekken's rich history and access to unique skills to add to your fighter.

Our take

Overall, Tekken 7 doesn’t disappoint. It’s been a favorite ever since it first launched; it builds upon all the best features of the popular series. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re a fan of the franchise, this one is a must-play. You should try it even if you’re new to the series.


  • First Tekken on Windows
  • Built on Unreal Engine
  • New mechanics
  • More than 40 characters
  • Many customization options
  • Three offline modes


  • Challenging combat moves

TEKKEN 7for Windows


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