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The game boasts vivid, fun characters in the style of 1930s cartoons. This run-and-gun may be challenging, but it has become an instant classic.

Video game time machine

Cuphead made waves with its gorgeous art style and hand-drawn animations.

This retro-looking game is colorful and vibrant with such a unique storytelling aesthetic that almost any gamer will fall in love with it. This game has set the bar high for all indie games.

Don't deal with the devil

Get hooked on the cool graphics of Cuphead. Animated with love, the characters, background, and every little detail in the game will find a way to appeal to you. The game boasts vivid, fun characters in the style of 1930s cartoons. This run-and-gun game may be challenging, but it has become an instant classic.

Don't struggle through the puzzles alone. In multiplayer mode, Mugman, Cuphead's pal, can participate in the game at any point. Player two can also join with the same amount of coins, making transitioning from single to two player mode convenient. If you or your partner dies, then the game offers a resurrection option. What a fun and refreshing addition to the game to make co-op mode even more interactive.

Like any game, there comes a challenge or two. The biggest difficulty encountered of this game is that for some players, it could be grudgingly hard. The easy mode can help train you for the boss levels, but if you win in easy mode, it just won't count. Each boss has three or four stages, and each stage is a bit chaotic. Whether it adds to the magic of the game or takes away, well, that will all depend on the player. Once you finally pass the boss level, the feeling of satisfaction is pure light and glory.

Where can you run this program?

Cuphead is not available in hard copy, but you can get the digital game on Xbox, Windows 10, Mac, and the Nintendo Switch.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Currently, Cuphead stands alone in its category. There isn't anything quite like it; however, if you're looking for something similar, check out options such as Apocalypse Cow or The Neon Ninja. Both are fun, imaginative run-and-gun games.

Our take

Challenging, beautiful, engaging, and satisfying are the words that come to mind when playing Cuphead. There is no doubt that this game was made with care.

Should you download it?

Yes. This game is a must play for any experienced fan of the genre. Just remember though, this may be difficult for newbies at first.

Cupheadfor Windows


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