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Paid turn-based RPG

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is a turn-based role-playing game like Fairy Tale and Final Fantasy XIV, delivering an outstanding story and gameplay experience. Similarly, with the predecessor, you’ll meet monsters and tame them to fight by your side. 

As the grandson of a legendary rider, you meet a girl who holds an egg that could mean the end of the world. There are several twists and turns in the game, but you’ll need to develop the best combat strategy with each battle. The visuals and effects are stunning, but check to see if your NVIDIA GPU system settings meet the latest requirements.

Become a monster rider

For those of you who love taming and collecting creatures, Monster Hunter Stories 2 presents the perfect opportunity to do so. You’ll find eggs that you can hatch, and the monsters will form a bond with you as you learn how to master their abilities. You’ll use them in your battles, so you’ll need the best strategy to win.

Legendary tale

There’s a lengthy storyline in Monster Hunter Stories 2, which is prolonged by the turn-based battle elements. Also, every time you play the game, you can try different strategies and techniques. This feature gives it a high replayability element, while many gamers will attempt to speed runs on their channels.

Gorgeous gameplay elements

You’ll find beautiful visuals and effects in the RPG title, and equally the video animations are also superb. The sound effects are outstanding, and you’ll feel as if you are in the heat of the battle. These two elements of visual and sound, coupled with the immersive gameplay make this an exciting title to play for months.

Our take

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a tale of a legendary hero in the making, a story that you can craft any way you want with each battle. The appeal of this game is in taming monsters to fight by your side, giving you that Pokemon feel. In the end, it’s an excellent masterpiece that any anime fan will enjoy.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you played the first game and you’re into RPG games. You’ll love collecting many monsters, and competing with your friends online to see who can gather the most monsters the fastest.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Amazing effects
  • Collect monsters
  • Lengthy storyline


  • New NVIDIA requirements may impact gameplay

Monster Hunter Stories 2for Windows


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