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Fruit Ninja is back with its second edition after ten years of the addictive fruit hating Fruit Ninja Classic. Fans of the game have waited a long time for Australian video game developer Halfbrick to release the 2nd one, and here it finally is. With new features, new game modes, and multiplayer, which fan wouldn’t want to give this a try?

Traditional game modes

The game starts up and almost immediately throws you right into the addictively challenging arcade mode. Round after round, the game will tempt you to try to beat your previous score. Dodge bombs, get critical points by cutting overlapping fruits, and gather combos by destroying them in one fatal swoop.

You can also choose to play Fruit Ninja 2 without the bombs in the classical zen mode. Unfortunately, you cannot score criticals here, though. Classic mode is also a fan-favorite. You’ll dodge the red bombs while achieving the highest score possible. 

New additions

You can slice to the beat in the game’s new mode, Fruitar Hero. It’s tons of fun, although players do find it to be quite challenging. If you prefer, you can also take part in ‘Mini-Game Shuffle’ where you’ll get to play all sorts of different fun mini-games in no particular order.

Halfbrick has also introduced real-time multiplayer modes. Here you can battle against your friends or go up against fellow Fruit Ninjas online in a quest to be the best. 

In-game store and downloading

Are you looking to stand out a bit? This second edition of the popular classic has an in-game store jam-packed with new characters, taunt packs, and skins to purchase. There’s plenty to help you feel like the ultimate ninja.  

Our take

With new features, locations, and soundtracks, Fruit Ninja 2 is an excellent long-awaited edition. You’ll love getting back to slicing some fruit, earning our combos, and competing with the best ninjas online. Of course, you’ll also enjoy showing off your skills to your friends and family. 

Should you download it?

Yes, it has all the classic features that we’ve come to know and love while incorporating some cool new gameplay.


  • Multiplayer
  • Various games modes
  • Different soundtracks and visuals
  • Customization


  • Online multiplayer is mostly bots

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Fruit Ninja 2for Android


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