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Travel Town: Puzzle and city building game

Travel Town is one of the games that has recently become very popular among mobile game enthusiasts. The fact that the game is free and appeals to those who like match-3 puzzles and city-building games sets it apart from other games. What do you do in the game? You travel the world, solve puzzles, and build your own city!

Gameplay and mechanics

The gameplay of Travel Town is quite simple. You destroy three or more objects of the same type that appear on the screen and earn points. As you progress, you will discover new places, which increases the difficulty. The most enjoyable part of the game is that you can build your own city with the resources you earn. In short, you need to think very strategically to develop your city.

Visuals and sounds

One of the most important features that sets the game apart from other games is its eye-catching graphics and sound effects. The colorful and detailed visuals make the game more enjoyable. The sounds emitted during each matching and building process will give you different satisfaction.

In-app purchases

Although the game is free, there are in-app purchases, as with any app or game. You can buy in-game currency and power-ups if you want to progress faster.

Our take

Travel Town is a very successful game overall. It offers hours of fun for those who enjoy solving puzzles and building cities. The easy-on-the-eye graphics and relaxing soundtrack also make for an enjoyable gaming experience. The presence of in-app purchases may annoy some players, but it doesn't detract from the game's overall quality.

Should you download it?

If you like both solving puzzles and building cities, you should definitely give Travel Town a try. It's free, so you can try it out risk-free. However, if you don't like in-app purchases or are looking for more complex games, Travel Town might not be the right choice for you.


  • Engaging gameplay
  • Visually appealing
  • Diverse locations
  • Relaxing yet challenging


  • In-app purchases
  • Repetitive at times
  • Limited social interaction

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Travel Townfor Android


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