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Forgotton Anne is a role-playing game with a well-developed narrative. You play the role of Anne in the Forgotten Lands, where forgotten objects are brought to life with the energy source Anima. You navigate this world to build a bridge to return to where you came from.

Tons of mysteries to uncover

In Forgotton Anne, you take part in a fascinating story with great visuals and a clear objective.

The scenery and characters in Forgotton Anne are exceptional works of art. The visually appealing and atmospheric aspects make it a pleasure to play. The dialogue, puzzles, and storyline all fit together well, producing an immersive experience. Where most mobile games are built for quick bursts of fun, here you can get lost in the narrative for long periods of time.

The quirky concept of the Forgotten Lands is carried out strongly in the characters and whichever path you head down, which means you won’t lose interest quickly. There is a voice-acted script and an original soundtrack to enjoy.

The title’s less obvious strong point is the fluid gameplay. The character runs, jumps, and lands without any stops or glitches -- a detail, which you don’t necessarily notice but that enhances the overall experience by no small margin.

There are some flaws though, depending on what you are looking for in this game. Some sections can be quite frustrating to complete using the touch controls. Sure, the game has some great responsive feedback, but it’s no use if you can barely manage to move your character. Although this is a puzzle game, you’ll find more action than you’d expect. It would work better if there were many more challenging puzzles to tackle.

Where can you run this program?

iPhone users will need iOS 9.0 or above to run this app.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This game delivers a fantastic cinematic adventure. If you want another app with a similar focus on story, Stardew Valley and Final Fantasy XV are good choices.

Our take

This RPG is beautiful, well-thought-out, and immersive. The touch controls could use some work, especially for certain important tasks you need to complete. This isn’t enough though, to stop you from enjoying this action-adventure game.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want an action-based game with some puzzles, this is for you. If you want a challenge, try a pure puzzle game.

Forgotton Annefor iOS


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