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Free collaborative graphic design app

Figma is a free graphic design program made for Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. It’s a powerful tool that you can use seamlessly with your team of designers, and it’s also recommended by professionals in the graphic design field. You can either download Figma to your computer or run it on an internet browser of your choice.

How Figma works 

Figma is a vector graphics editing program made for teams of graphic designers to work on design projects effectively. Figma can be used to edit vector graphics for a website or app but also for prototyping and communicating with your design team as you work. 

Using Figma, you can work on a project with your team in real-time, allowing your graphic designers to make suggestions or even changes.

Another of Figma’s features is that you can run it on your internet browser. No downloading required. Figma also allows you to save your projects to the cloud. 


Figma is free to use but with certain restrictions. Or you can pay monthly as part of an annual plan for the Professional plan or an Organization plan. 

Use the Professional plan to work on unlimited projects, access unlimited version histories, use shareable team libraries, and more.

Figma’s Organization plan includes the professional plan’s benefits but with features specific for larger enterprises like ‘organizational-wide' design systems and Plugin administration.

Other features

Along with Figma’s various features, you can find plenty of plugins and other resources made by dozens of other talented users. They’re all uploaded on Figma’s community page. You can find an assortment of resources free for you to use on your projects and provide entire templates that your team can use to save time and work efficiently.

Figma also provides tutorials for you to understand the software better. There are tutorials provided to help users familiarize themselves with graphic design basics as well if you’re new to it.

Our take

Figma is a flexible design program with many features that help make collaborative design projects easy. Figma is compared to programs like AdobeXD and Sketch

However, despite its complexity, Figma works hard to provide its users with effective, versatile, and convenient graphic design software.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you enjoy collaborative designing on Mac devices.


  • Cloud saving
  • Runs on most browsers
  • Available tutorials
  • Variety of plugins and add-ons
  • Optimized tools for collaboration


  • Complicated to use

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Figmafor Mac


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