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Experience the life of a bus driver with Fernbus Simulator

Fernbus Simulator is a realistic bus simulation game that allows the player to experience the life of a German city bus driver. The game features rich graphics and provides a true-to-life experience that makes the game very interesting. Fernbus Simulator is similar to other simulation games like Farming Simulator 19 and Euro Truck Simulator.

A day in the life of a city bus driver

Fernbus Simulator is well-suited to players who enjoy a game with a slower pace that requires some strategic planning. There is something for everyone and players can choose between a variety of buses and routes to make the gameplay more interesting. The game also allows players to select bad weather conditions to make journeys a bit more interesting.

No special skills required

Fernbus Simulator can be enjoyed by absolute beginners as well as more advanced players. The game includes finer details such as requiring passengers to purchase tickets from the driver (player) before they board the bus. The realistic approach also includes other traffic on the bus routes. Fernbus Simulator for PS4 is fast and responsive resulting in smooth gameplay

Our take

Fernbus Simulator is a good option for users who enjoy slower-paced games. The game's difficulty level can be adjusted as needed which makes it possible for players of all skill levels to play Fernbus Simulator. The game can also be made more interesting by adding downloadable content and expansion packs or Fernbus Simulator mods.

Should you download it?

Fernbus Simulator can provide hours of entertainment with more than 20,000 km of simulated German roads for players to explore. The game includes city routes as well as highway routes for those who are looking for a more challenging gameplay experience.


  • Rich graphics.
  • True to life / very realistic.
  • Suitable for advanced players and novices.
  • Ability to add downloadable content.


  • Resource intensive when in use.
  • No mobile-friendly version available.
  • Installing mods can be complicated.
  • Limited country options for international bus travel simulation.

Fernbus Simulatorfor Windows


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