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Paid bus driving simulator

Bus Simulator 21 is a fun driving simulation game that takes you across countries as a bus driver dealing with everyday events. Due to the realism, the game has high system requirements. The title plays much like others in the simulation genre such as Euro Truck Simulator and the game's former sequel Bus Simulator 18.

The title plays similarly using the keyboard to control your driving. The added customization options and realistic events keep the game from becoming too repetitive. Extra hardware such as steering wheels or gamepads works with the game, providing more immersion.

Large vehicle collection

Bus Simulator 21 has a wide selection of buses for you to drive, totaling more than 30 different vehicles. The title offers double-decker buses, rigid ones, and articulated buses. The wide selection allows you to find a vehicle you’re comfortable driving from many licensed manufacturers such as BYD, Grande West, and Blue Bird.

Realistic and alive

Mastering traffic situations or following a passenger’s request provides realism to the simulator. The open world is filled with intelligent AI that uses pathing to accurately move pedestrians and other vehicles. Riders can cause chaos in the interior of the bus and attempt to skip paying, or they may simply enjoy their journey as you travel.

Explore the USA or Europe with various live elements in the environments. The realism makes it one of the best bus driving simulators available.

Customize your driver

There are over 15,000 outfit combinations available to customize your driver. The variety provides an extra layer of realism while offering a small way to define yourself.

Supports gamepads

Using extra hardware such as gamepads, steering wheels, eye tracking, and more allows for an experience that makes you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat. These add ons create the sensation of physically driving a bus through beautiful cities. However, you’ll need to download the game to your PC first and confirm the controllers function properly.

Our take

Bus Simulator 21 is another fun and simple title in a line of bus driving games. The concept is simple and repetitive enough to feel relaxing at times and chaotic with life-like worlds and realistic events such as fare dodgers or passenger requests.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoy similar titles or want a fun experience to play, this game is a great choice to download.


  • Over 30 buses to drive
  • Lively environments
  • Customize your driver with thousands of combinations
  • New mechanics
  • Play with friends


  • Can quickly feel repetitive

Program available in other languages

Bus Simulator 21for Windows


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