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Fate/Grand Order (FGO) is a free mobile game designed by TYPE-MOON and based on the successful Fate franchise. Fate is a series spanning multiple media platforms, including visual novels and anime. The game features a gacha mechanic, which is essentially a gamble for in-game characters.


FGO's core gameplay mechanic is role-playing (RPG), which involves characters called Servants that you collect. Between battles, you will collect, train, and upgrade Servants to improve their chances of success. Servants level up, use abilities, and evolve from participating in battles.

Servants are eventually replaced by higher-tier versions of themselves through the gacha mechanic.


The gacha system in-game is similar to other games of the genre. You can use the game’s currency to summon Servants, which can be earned through play or bought through in-app purchases. Servants are ranked from one star to five stars;  this represents the rarity, power, and overall appeal of the character. The most desirable and unique characters are those who are the rarest.

However, you can also gain three-star Servants each time you finish a chapter in the story mode, and during in-game events, you can gain four-star characters. These features allow you to progress throughout the game for free.


There’s a large market for gacha games, giving Fate/Grand Order a considerable amount of competition. The top competitors are Epic Seven, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Azur Lane. The most abnormal among these three games is Azur Lane as it does not feature an RPG style of gameplay.

Azur Lane features a side-scrolling shooter style as opposed to the typical RPG. Fire Emblem Heroes uses a tactical RPG system and appeals to Fire Emblem fans. Finally, Epic Seven is a wholly unique, anime-inspired gacha RPG that has quickly attracted all three competitors' fans.

Our take

The game can be played for free through the story mode entirely. This is a welcome change from many gacha-based role-playing games as it is a faithful representation of the Fate series without constricting newcomers with lore. It performs well in all categories.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re a fan of the Fate series and anime, this game is for you! Otherwise, there are alternatives for gacha RPGs.


  • Faithful representation
  • Engaging gameplay


  • Available only on Android and iPhone
  • Low gacha rates deter character collectors

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Fate/Grand Orderfor iOS


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