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Free open-world extreme car simulator

Developed by AxesInMotion, this free car simulator makes high-quality cars available to racers in a free-roam world. Race and upgrade your car while you earn XP and take on the cops for the ultimate Extreme Car Driving Simulator experience. 

You can perform stunts while being chased by the police, which adds to the excitement of the game. It’s similar to Need for Speed: No limits in both gameplay and features.

How do you play?

This racing title will present you with a map that’s expansive and allows you to execute the most radical flips and crashes. You start with an entry-level vehicle, which you use to become familiar with the maps and how the police react to you. 

As you earn more XP, you’ll unlock more cars. This is where the game broadens into a truly hyper-active title. The larger the stunt, the more points you earn. 

What is it about?

The PlayStation and Xbox consoles have dominated the gaming world with Gran Turismo and Forza, respectively. This iOS adaptation needs more development to compete with the big gaming consoles available on the market. The premise is simple: to perform stunts, escape from the cops, and earn points to progress through the levels.

Alternative game titles

AxesInMotion has also released several iterations of the game, with additions to the title, like 3D and San Francisco. These additions are closer to expansion packs for PC games and offer a broader gameplay experience.


Apple's mobile infrastructure has made vast improvements over its Android counterpart. The most significant differences are in the vein of graphical rendering capabilities and audio card performance.

Our take

This title presents some of the best aspects of big console and PC titles in compact form. There are a few points that require more attention, like the way police vehicles are rendered. We enjoyed the game because it’s free and due to the intense action.

Should you download it?

The application is fast-paced and has incredible action scenes. The combination of stunt-type flips and the ability to launch your car head-first into the cops is unrealistic, but isn’t that part of the charm? This game is fun but can be a bit monotonous. Yes, it is worth downloading for a quick burnout or stunt. 


  • World map is large
  • Gameplay is smooth with almost no lag
  • Real-time damage indicator


  • Graphics need improvement
  • Updates aren’t frequent
  • Car sound effects are amateur

Extreme Car Driving Simulatorfor iOS


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