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Need for Speed: No Limits by Firemonkeys and Electronic Arts is a free mobile game, bringing the adrenaline-pumping racing experience to your mobile screen. It boasts a massive level structure, events, tracks, and vehicles, putting power and performance in the limelight.

Built for mobile

Like Asphalt 8: Airborne, No Limits is the first title of the Need for Speed franchise specifically built for Android and iOS devices. 

You pit yourself against the Blackridge mob and fight the law, jumping off bridges, evading the police, and smashing through roadblocks. The arcade-style gameplay is quite diverse, featuring:

  • 900 race events
  • 100 levels
  • 38 different race tracks
  • 30 fully-licensed cars

You’ll spend a lot of time upgrading your vehicle to boost its performance. While the game is free to download, there are in-app purchases to speed up the progression.

Straightforward controls

The developers made racing mechanics quite simple, limiting the controls to just tapping your screen to shift directions. A quick upward swipe triggers turbo, sending your car flying down the road. 

There are no break, acceleration, or drift mechanics. Even so, combined with the tracks’ increasing speed and complexity, the game still manages to get your heart pumping in no time.

Note that you’ll need a stable internet connection to enjoy the game. Even the campaign mode takes place online.

Looks great

No Limits boasts a slick visual design that provides an excellent first impression, and the graphics keep on giving as you enter more serious races. The city streets and neon lights set the tone for the game, and the mixed environments make the gameplay feel fresh throughout.

The car models also look fantastic, with a selection of high-end, real-world machines to feast your eyes upon and to test on the road. Like Real Racing on Android, this game fulfills any car enthusiast’s desires with its selection and level of detail on each vehicle. 

Our take

While fans of the franchise will miss some more complex controls, No Limits provides an immersive, exciting experience from start to finish.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re a racing fan, you’ll love this NFS mobile edition. It takes all the best features of the PC games and delivers them to your iOS device.


  • Detailed visuals
  • In-depth gameplay
  • Arcade-style design
  • Engaging storyline
  • Fantastic car models


  • Encourages in-game purchases
  • No acceleration or brake controls

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Need for Speed No Limitsfor iOS


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