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AxesInMotion developed Extreme Car Driving Simulator so you can make the fastest cars and drive them to the brink of destruction. In this free open-world driving simulator, you’re encouraged to perform stunts and earn skill points while driving your cars. 

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is fast-paced, action-packed, and for anyone with a need for speed. It has similar gameplay elements as Car Driving Simulator: SF, Race Room, Forza Horizon, Need for Speed: No Limits, and Asphalt: 9.

How do you play?

In this free-roam title, you can race around the entire world map and perform high-earning tricks. You’ll need to select your first vehicle and start missions to earn cash. As you gain more money, you’ll be able to afford faster, more exotic cars.

What is it about?

This game offers you an interface that’s incredibly intuitive. The large icons for steering, accelerating, and braking make the controls a sinch. This extreme car racer is based on PlayStation and Xbox console titles like Gran Tourismo and Need for Speed. Earn points to progress through the levels with your car of choice.

Alternative game titles

If you’re looking for similar titles by AxesInMotion, you’ll find a 3D and San Francisco app available for a slight twist. These add-ons are basically expansion packs for the PC game.


You’ll find a wide variety of vehicles on offer in this title. One of the most exciting features behind the Extreme Car Driving Simulator is destructible environments. There are four you must locate to complete the task and move on. There’s an APK available if you need to update the game.

Our take

This racing simulator is a full-featured game that will offer you an exciting visual experience when racing across the map. Being able to turn traffic on and trying to escape the cops makes this a really fun game.

Should you download it?

The application is fast-paced and has many incredible action scenes. The combination of stunt-type flips and the ability to launch your car head-first into the cops is outlandish but incredibly exhilarating. The game can become a little boring after a while though. 

Yes. It’s worth downloading for a quick burnout session. 


  • It has a gigantic world map
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Damage indicators


  • Graphics could use work
  • Updates are rare
  • Sound effects aren’t great

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Extreme Car Driving Simulatorfor Android


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