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Cars: Fast as Lightning - Discontinued legend on mobile

Cars: Fast as Lightning was a fun and engaging game that combined racing with some elements of building and managing a city. Released on October 9, 2014, it was available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. This game brought characters from the Disney Pixar "Cars" movies into a mobile game, where players could race and build their own Radiator Springs.

The legendary Cars franchise gameplay and more

Cars: Fast as Lightning" brought the world of Radiator Springs to mobile devices with an exciting twist on traditional racing games. Here’s what made the game a noteworthy addition to the Cars franchise:

  • Interactive Races: Employing a slot-car style mechanic, players controlled their favorite Cars characters in thrilling head-to-head races. The intuitive control system was designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible even to younger players.
  • Customization and Upgrades: Players could unlock new characters and tracks as they progressed. Each track could be customized with exciting elements like bridges, tunnels, and more, each adding a unique flair to the racing experience.
  • Dynamic Gameplay Elements:
    • Unlockable characters and tracks: This helped keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.
    • Challenges and upgrades were available to enhance cars and improve performance, necessary for winning races and advancing in the game.

The integration of a city-building component allowed players to reconstruct the iconic Radiator Springs. This element, while offering a change of pace from racing, provided a mixed reception as it required managing resources and could slow down the progression in the racing segments.

What happened to Cars: Fast as Lightning game?

Unfortunately, the game was discontinued on December 25, 2016. When the game servers were shut down, it meant people couldn't play it anymore. This made way for a new game, "Cars: Lightning League," which hoped to improve on the previous game with better technology and gameplay.

The ending of Cars: Fast as Lightning is common in mobile games, where even popular games are often replaced by newer versions. Although Cars: Fast as Lightning is no longer available, its influence on mobile gaming, especially racing games that mix in other gameplay elements, is still significant. This game was a great mix of racing action and interactive gaming that was enjoyable for kids and fans of the " Cars" movies.


  • The legendary Cars franchise
  • Fun gameplay
  • For kids and teens


  • Not available anymore

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Cars: Fast as Lightningfor iOS


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