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Eggy Party: A Fun and Popular Casual Game

Welcome to Eggy Party, a highly popular casual game developed by NetEase Games. Join the Eggy Partners on an exciting party adventure to Eggy Island!

Party with Your Eggy Friends

It's time to party! Here, you can find adorable and cute Eggy characters, all enjoying the beautiful scenery of Eggy Island from a giant Ferris wheel, riding on small jet planes, and playing various attractions like bouncy trampolines and floor pianos. Let's party together!

Enter the EGGYVERSE and Showcase Your Style

Welcome to the EGGYVERSE! It's a trendy world where you can meet fashionable friends with different styles, such as animals, fantasy, and cute themes. Mix and match various styles to create your own unique fashion statement. Show off your trendy style!

Explore Eggy Island and Find Your Companions

Join thrilling parties, have fun, and hug your friends in the game! Be cautious of obstacles and avoid other Eggy characters! This party can get you addicted to endless excitement!

Create Pets and Gain Popularity

Still not enough? Visit the Eggy Playground to discover a whole new world. Here, you'll find numerous user-generated maps created by players! You can also design your exclusive maps and showcase your creativity to all the Eggy players!

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