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Being able to quickly get to important documents anywhere is very important for lots of people. This is especially true for workers who need to keep an eye on their money and job-related info. Seeing this need, the IT Department of the SL Army has come up with a smart tool: the e Portal app on Android. This app makes it easy and safe for SL Army members to get their monthly pay details and other job-related info right on their phones.

What is e Portal and who is it for?

The e Portal app is a handy tool made to make life easier for SL Army members by letting them get to a bunch of job-related details like pay slips and welfare info right from their phones. It's made especially for them, giving a safe and quick way to handle their job papers without having to deal with physical papers or going to HR offices.

Main e Portal features

The e Portal app is packed with features that make it really useful:

  • Download monthly pay slips: Users can easily get their pay details for any month on their phone.
  • View HR details: The app shows personal job info, work history, and more.
  • View ABF details: It lets users check info about the Army Benevolent Fund, like how much they've contributed and what benefits they get.
  • View welfare details: Members can find out about welfare programs and services for them.
  • View health details: The app gives health info, helping members keep track of their health benefits.
  • Download Army publications: Users can download official Army documents directly through the app.

These features help SL Army members get to important info quickly, making it easier for them to manage their work and personal lives.

Use cases of the e Portal app

The e Portal app is made for several important uses:

  • Quick pay slip access: Members can download and see their pay slips easily, which helps with managing money and planning.
  • Updated HR information: Users can look at their job details anytime, keeping them informed about their job status and related info.
  • Tracking welfare and health benefits: Users can stay up-to-date with welfare programs and health benefits, making it easier to use these services when needed.
  • Easy access to Army publications: Downloading Army documents through the app means members are always in the loop about new policies and news.

The e Portal app by the SL Army IT Department is a big step in making it easier for employees to get to important info. By providing a safe and easy-to-use platform for accessing pay slips, HR details, and welfare info, the app not only makes dealing with documents easier but also helps employees manage their work life better. Army members can check everything important related to their profession thanks to this application and they can use it on Android for free!


  • Simple interface
  • You can download payslips


  • Exclusive to army members

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e Portalfor Android


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