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The best speed

Chrome is Google's browser for Apple devices. Apart from high performance and speed, the software is compatible with numerous Google apps for iOS devices such as Gmail and YouTube. This app also has numerous features such as Google Translate.

Superior browser for iPhones

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Chrome is one of the software that has set the bar for other browsers. The software has the same performance as its Windows and Android version, which is much better than Apple's Safari browser. You can expect most websites to load faster on Chrome than on your iPhone's default browser.

On the other hand, the performance can be a problem for your device's CPU. Chrome will take up most of your phone's CPU performance. This can slow down your iPhone and take up most of your battery.

User convenience features

Since Chrome is a part of Google, the app works well with Gmail, YouTube, and other software from the company. If you have a link in Gmail message, it will open in Chrome instead of Safari. YouTube links will also open to the iPhone app instead of the browser only.

Chrome's voice search is more accurate than Safari. This helps you avoid typing in your search query.

The browser app will sync all of your data across your iPhone, Mac, Android phones, and Window computer. Chrome will have your browser history, saved passwords, and bookmarks available on all devices that have the software installed. This helps you go back to sites you visited on your computer or access accounts without having to remember your password.

Where can you run this program?

The Chrome app for iPhone is compatible with iOS 11.0 or better.

Is there a better alternative?

Apart from Safari, another alternative browser that can match Chrome is Firefox. Mozilla's browser has privacy in mind with its Enhanced Tracking Protection and Private Browsing mode.

Our take

Chrome will take up most of a phone or computer’s performance no matter which device it will run on. In return, the browser runs faster than the built-in software for iPhones. You can also sync all of your browser history, passwords, and other data with the app. It is also handy to have links from other Google apps to open on Chrome and vice versa.

Should you download it?

Yes. Chrome still provides a better user experience on iPhones and other Apple devices.


  • Google account integration
  • Accurate voice search
  • Compatible with other Google Apps
  • Data sync across devices


  • Takes most processing power
  • No default browser option

Chromefor iOS


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