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Browse the web faster and privately!

Within a short period of time, Brave has become one of the most popular web browsers for privately surfing the internet. Like other options, it allows you to seamlessly navigate websites, play or view online content, and run web apps. Additionally, it remembers website authentication information. Where Brave trumps its counterparts is the fact that it effectively blocks online ads on websites.

One of the fastest, most secure browsers!

An anti-ad attitude for private browsing!

Since its release, Brave has been preferred for an aggressive anti-ad policy. Designed to block online ads on websites, it follows an innovative business model that replaces the generic and usual advertisements with the ones from its own network.

Moreover, the browser eliminates ad trackers, which are page components website publishers and advertisers deploy to identify users. Trackers let publishers know about your preferences and the websites you prefer to visit.

In simple terms, these trackers help ad networks display similar products to the ones purchased or viewed. Since Brave efficiently blocks ad trackers (not the ones on Google search engine but in the browser), it keeps your surfing experience private and doesn’t share data with third-party ad networks.

Familiar design cues

Brave browser for desktop has been designed upon Chromium, which is Google’s open-source project for maintaining Chrome. On iOS, Brave uses the WebKit, an open-source foundation that powers Apple’s native Safari browser. As such, it takes a lot of design cues from popular browsers and provides you with a familiar surfing experience. WebKit is considered to be the backbone of third-party web browsers submitted to the App Store on Apple.

Plenty of extensions but more needed

One area where Brave needs some improvements is the number of available extensions. While the browser includes add-ons for a wide range of third-party password managers, PDF creators, and translators, you won’t find as many options as Google Chrome. Hopefully, Brave will introduce more extensions in the coming months.

With a simple and clean interface, Brave is an excellent browser for surfing the internet privately. The built-in password manager ensures better security, and blocking ad trackers improves the speed of loading pages. Moreover, the popular browser is lightweight and doesn’t take a toll on system resources. Recently, Brave even tied up with DuckDuckGo to provide an improved private browsing experience.

Where can you run this program?

While Brave is getting increasingly popular on iOS, it’s also available for Mac, Windows, and Android devices. On iOS, it’s recommended to have iOS 12 or above.

Is there a better alternative?

While you could check out Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, Brave is an excellent choice for better security and private browsing. Although other browsers sport ad-blockers to some extent, they aren’t as effective in providing you with a secure and private surfing experience. Still, if you’re looking for a familiar interface on your Apple device, Safari could be a sound choice. Similarly, Google Chrome is a better choice for anyone interested in loads of extensions.

Our take

Brave browser’s speed, security, and ad-blocking capabilities make it a great choice. While using the browser, all the features look exciting and ensure you get an amazing surfing experience with a neat interface.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! In recent times, people around the world have been concerned about privacy issues and data handling. In such times, it’s great to see a company focusing on users’ interests and safety. With ad-blocking, faster speed, and an easy-to-use interface, Brave is an excellent choice to make the transition to a safer web browser.


  • Built-in password manager
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Exceptionally fast
  • Lightweight on system resources


  • Fewer extensions than Chrome
  • Occasional lags and crashes

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Brave Browser: Fast AdBlockerfor iOS


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