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A free story game

Chapters: Interactive Stories is a free-to-download mobile game offering hundreds upon thousands of user-made stories. The title is fun to play and will occupy you for hours as you progress to one of many endings dependent on your own decisions. However, there are a few features that require premium currency, such as appearance customization.

Pick your genre

Chapters: Interactive Stories has a variety of tales to tell. The genres available include sci-fi, fantasy, romance, drama, comedy, and young adult with options written by top authors. 

Simple gameplay

Chapters: Interactive Stories is a casual-style game with no challenge other than deciding which action you want to take in a given scenario. At each scene, you’re presented with two paths to pick from that alter which ending you’ll see once the tale ends. While this gameplay is simple, engaging stories compensate for the lack of mechanical complexity.

Choose your story

There are plenty of tales to pick from within the application. Some stories allow you to play as a male character, while others are exclusively female-led narratives. Many of the stories on the application are free to play, with an additional cost to unlock the optional feature of customization. 

Follow your own path

Many tales within the game stem into various endings based on the choices you make. This diversity allows you to replay each story multiple times until you discover each of the endings.

Create a story

Once you’ve played all the available stories, you can create your own within the app. If your creation receives enough attention, it’ll feature within the app for other players to find. However, if you’re trying to make a popular story, you’ll have plenty of competition from other users.

Our take

Chapters: Interactive Stories is one of the best interactive story titles to play, thanks to their quick and simple stories with many possible endings. If you get bored while playing other stories, the title offers the option to create your own and share it with other players online. However, once you’ve exhausted the tales available, another alternative game is the Episode and Choices, which offer much of the same gameplay.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you like choice-based games and want to craft your own story, this title is well worth the download. If you enjoy puzzle games, you can try SNOOPY Puzzle Journey.


  • Simple yet compelling gameplay
  • Choose your path to a unique outcome
  • Select your name and style
  • Create your own story
  • Many genres to pick from


  • Certain choices requires premium currency

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Chapters: Interactive Storiesfor iOS


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