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Shapez Mobile: Geometric Empire Building Simulation

Shapez Mobile is a free simulation game by Playdigious that immerses players in the world of building and managing factories for automated production of geometric shapes. As players progress, they encounter increasingly complex shapes, expand operations across an infinite map, and engage in color extraction and mixing to meet demands.

Master of shapes

Shapez Mobile emphasizes scalability and efficiency, requiring players to continuously optimize and upgrade their factories using various tools and techniques. The game offers multiple solutions for each challenge and boasts a minimalist art style that is both visually elegant and easy to comprehend. Accompanied by a soothing soundtrack, Shapez Mobile provides a serene experience, allowing players to enjoy expanding and evolving automated systems at their own pace, although some may find the repetitive factory optimization loop less engaging over time.

Strategize, optimize, and expand

Shapez Mobile offers a gameplay experience focused on relaxation, creativity, and strategic thinking. Players can immerse themselves in a calm and engaging environment, starting with simple tasks that gradually increase in complexity, requiring factory expansion to meet new challenges.

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Shapez Mobilefor iOS


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