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Globetrot by solving puzzles with Snoopy

Puzzle games are great, but they easily get repetitive unless you add a twist to them. SNOOPY Puzzle Journey does that by allowing you to travel the world as a reward for finishing a level.

An immersive experience

SNOOPY Puzzle Journey is a simple puzzle game for smartphones that allows you to take your favorite cartoon dog across the world. The music and sound design provide a solid atmosphere to this great title.

Free to download and great fun for all ages, the SNOOPY Puzzle Journey game provides an excellent tool for killing time. It features an exciting story of the much-loved dog, Snoopy, traveling the world in high-quality graphics and with an adorable soundtrack.

The premise of the puzzle levels is super-simple, though. When you start a level, you'll get a box of different-color squares. Tap three or more connected pieces, and they disappear. Line them up and then tap - you get a massive combo.

This simple idea grows in difficulty as you progress up the ladder. However, each victory feels rewarding because as you complete puzzles, you get to visit famous cities from all around the world. Capture a moment in each destination with a commemorative photo and hang it on your in-game room wall.

Another thing you can do is adapt Snoopy to different parts of the world by dressing him up in cultural outfits for the countries he's visiting. Build his wardrobe as you progress.

The massive number of levels ward off repetitiveness by becoming harder to solve with each subsequent puzzle. As they get more difficult, you might find yourself needing power-ups to solve them. You'll get some, and you may purchase additional ones through in-app purchases.

Where can you run this program?

On iOS devices, SNOOPY Puzzle Journey requires versions 11.2.6 and up. If you’re playing on Android, 7.0 and higher will run it.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This game is the ideal mixture of simplicity and challenge to keep you occupied and satisfied for days on end. However, once you get bored of it, you could try Threes, Candy Crush Saga, or Flow Free.

Our take

As far as casual puzzle games go, Snoopy is the ideal specimen - many levels, pleasant graphics, increase in difficulty, and a simple story to tie it all together.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time. However, if you’re hoping for a complex story with varied mechanics, go elsewhere.


  • Varied and challenging levels
  • Fun casual gameplay
  • Pleasant background music and sound effects
  • Exciting power-ups to spice things up


  • Annoying ads placement

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SNOOPY Puzzle Journeyfor iOS


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