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Released by Ovidiu Pop, this game gives you bus simulator-type experiences. Driving maps include Los Angeles, Rome, Alaska, Berlin, and several others. When you move through the different towns, you’ll soon find that there are an astonishing amount of realistic simulations. Bus Simulator 2015 gives you real-world driving skills for buses, as well as challenging routes and tasks.

Maps for every mood

When you download this sim, you’ll find it difficult to put down. Every map on the game is different because of seasons and weather changes. Bus Simulator 2015 gives you an experience that is varied and engaging.

The application comes in English and Spanish, making it ideal for most of America. You will find visuals that include stunning vistas to unending horizons. If you don't find the graphics impressive, the gameplay will keep you glued to your phone. There are 25 buses to control through undulating roads making the offering exciting. 

Alternatives to stimulate

Taxi Sim and School Driver 3D offer similar visuals to Bus Sim ‘15, but you wouldn’t be able to drive a bus in the former titles. Euro Truck and World Bus Driving Simulator simulate much the same too. 

If you find a problem with installing the game, application package kits are available online. You will find support through the online community should you experience any hiccups. APK’s offer early game updates and can include additional maps.

Our take

This title goes a long way to bring you realistic coach-driving challenges while keeping you engaged. When you find yourself guiding a coach just for the fun, you know you have found a title worth keeping. The seasons and characters are always changing, and driving conditions vary. This is a good driver-style game to play.

Should you download it

Yes, as the game will keep you occupied for hours. Download it to master your coach-driving skills at your peril because hours will melt away.


  • Multiple maps
  • 4-star rating on Play store
  • One of very few free bus simulators available online


  • Non-player characters are not modeled to detail
  • Alternative offer better graphics
  • No storyline available

Bus Simulator 2015for Android


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