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Art of Rally - Nostalgic rally experience

Art of Rally is a racing game that takes you back to the classic days of rally driving. You play from above, seeing the whole track and your car as you zip through beautiful landscapes. It’s easy for anyone to pick up and play, but it also has lots of detail for car enthusiasts. You can get it on Google Play Store on your Android device.

Classic rally spirit

In Art of Rally, you get to experience the thrill of old-school rally races:

  • Travel the World: Race through beautifully stylized environments, representing different iconic locations such as the forests of Finland, the coasts of Sardinia, and the mountains of Japan. Each setting is not just a backdrop but a challenge with its own personality, testing the skills of every racer.
  • Diverse Challenges: The game offers a variety of racing challenges, from daily and weekly leaderboards to extensive career modes. Players can start in the simpler Group 2 category and progress through more demanding classes like Group B and Group A, unlocking new cars and tracks along the way.
  • Car Collection: Choose from an array of vintage cars from the 60s through the 80s, each modeled with attention to detail and historical accuracy. Whether it’s the raw power of Group B cars or the refined agility of Group A models, there’s a perfect car for every racing aficionado.
  • Driving Techniques: With a range of driving options, "Art of Rally" caters to all skill levels. Techniques such as the Scandinavian flick, counter-steering, and handbrake turns can be utilized to master the tracks. The game's physics engine offers a realistic rally driving experience that rewards skill and practice.
  • Community Competitions: Keep your competitive edge sharp by participating in the game’s daily and weekly challenges. Climb the leaderboards and prove your rallying prowess against a global community of racers.
  • Photo and Replay Mode: Capture the most thrilling moments or stunning landscapes with the game’s built-in photo and replay mode, allowing players to share their favorite snapshots and highlights with others.

Is Art of Rally free?

No, you need to buy Art of Rally. It’s not free, but it often goes on sale, so you might catch a good deal if you keep an eye on it.

Art of Rally brings the excitement of old-time rally races into a fun and accessible game. With its unique view, beautiful settings, and deep attention to detail, it stands out in the racing game scene. 


  • Nostalgic vibes
  • Smooth driving mechanics
  • Makes you feel the rally passion


  • Inconsistent controller support
  • Might be hard for beginners

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