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Open world

World Bus Driving Simulator is a simple but challenging game where you’ll drive different busses around many cities in the world. There are leaderboards and achievements as well as new styles.

Same bus, new style

World Bus Driving Simulator is a mobile game that takes you across the globe as you drive busses through cities.

Driving games are trendy on mobile devices, and World Bus Driving Simulator is at home among those titles. The game is highly detailed, having a day and night cycle as well as various other traffic elements for you to interact with.

As the title of the game is busses, there are many vehicles available for you to drive. Each one has varying power and gear ratios, as well as whether they’re automatic or manual. Bus skins and details can be changed to best reflect yourself.

As you drive, you’ll notice that the maps are all open-world, giving you the decision of choosing where to go. The roads are tough, and taking on the challenges will test your skills along both the tar and dirt paths.

The world has various traffic elements for you to encounter, including toll booths, tax offices, and an onboard GPS navigation unit. You’ll also face varying weather that’ll make you drive through rain and sunshine.

The gameplay is an essential aspect of the game, and while it combines all the features and truly shines, it is repetitive. Driving a bus along any road in the app is fun, but doing this over and over again is boring. This will result in the game eventually being unplayed on your device.

Where can you run this program?

World Bus Driving Simulator is available for Android 5.0 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

No. There isn’t a better bus driving game than this one, but if you prefer trucks, then you’ll enjoy World Truck Driving Simulator. It’s similar in gameplay but will suit your style much better.

Our take

World Bus Driving Simulator is a good game that does become repetitive as time passes but motivates you with achievements and a competitive leaderboard.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want an entertaining game about driving busses, then this game is a must-have with all the options available.


  • Drive different busses
  • Large open-world map
  • Amazing graphics


  • Repetitive gameplay

World Bus Driving Simulatorfor Android


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