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Free, well-featured media player

If you’re looking for a free media player that supports all the leading audio and video formats, BS.Player is an excellent option. It’s packed with useful features but remains undemanding on system resources.

What is BS.Player?

BS.Player is a lightweight program for Windows that plays many formats of audio or video files. It offers an enormous amount of tools and options for playback quality, navigation, and more.

What does BS.Player do?

You can open files from your media library or play videos directly from the app.

It’s also extremely easy to play YouTube videos in BS.Player. All you need to do is copy the URL of the YouTube video, select ‘Open URL’ from the player’s menu, and paste the link.

BS.Player also has access to a vast library of built-in and online subtitles.

Can BS.Player play YouTube Movies?

Yes, both free and paid versions have this capability. 

The difference is in the quality of the videos. The free version plays them in standard definition, while the paid version plays them in HD. 

In testing it out, we found that YouTube videos that exhibited buffering issues in the browser played smoothly on BS.Player, without buffering at all. The developer has clearly put a lot of thought into performance.

If you buy a license for BS.Player, you can save YouTube videos to your device for offline viewing.

How many people use BS.Player?

According to the developer, the player was launched in 2000, and now approximately 70 million people use the app.

Are there any good alternatives to BS.Player?

Yes, among the many free media players available for Windows, VLC Media Player and MPC-HC are good options.

Should you download it?

Definitely yes. Even on devices with lower specs, media plays perfectly on this lightweight program. Although it’s not a modern Windows app, and the UI looks old-fashioned, the movie player is sleek and modern. In addition to the app's performance, we also particularly liked the fact that there are no ads, even in the free version.


  • Free app with no ads
  • Excellent performance for audio and video
  • Clean, modern video player
  • Lots of playback options


  • Old-fashioned UI

Program available in other languages

BS.Playerfor Windows

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