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Fantasy action RPG

Biomutant is a paid fantasy game released in 2021 for Windows, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. The title is bright, colorful, and uses an appealing art style that brings the exotic world to life. Part of this vibrancy is owed to the large-scale map available to explore.

As an RPG, Biomutant stands out from similar titles such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and GreedFall. However, similar to Cyberpunk 2077, the twist on traditional gameplay is familiar yet fresh for fans of the genre.

The world

Biomutant introduces you to a large, open-world that's free for you to explore. Scattered throughout the landscape are vibrant characters, mysteries, and a compelling story. 

You play as a mutant-like character, who you can fully customize, accompanied by a narrator every step of your adventure. There are multiple ways to travel, including mechs, mounts, jet skis, and an air balloon. Combined with this are diverse environments, such as dying wildlands, mountains, and an archipelago.

Third-person combat

Biomutant uses a third-person combat system with a few twists, keeping the gameplay fun and exciting. There’s a flexible range of movement as you shoot projectiles, move, or melee attack. 

The combat system in this game is built around Wung-Fu, a type of martial arts. You'll learn new forms of combat through progression and by speaking to masters of Wung-Fu. As you explore, you’ll continue to add to your move-set, which will give you new ways to fight.

Choices that impact gameplay

Choices in Biomutant affect the narrative, from how you interact with NPCs to the equipment you're wearing. The story's ending will change based on your actions. Similarly, your choice of equipment will impact the gameplay style of the game.

There's no limit to what gear you can equip for your character. Options such as a gas mask and oxygen tank will allow you to explore dead zones freely. Additionally, mixing and matching equipment parts is a vital aspect of the crafting system you'll experiment with.

Our take

Biomutant is a fun game with a bright and vibrant world that's ready for you to explore. Sadly, the title lacks cooperative modes or any multiplayer, leaving you to wander the vast map alone. However, there's plenty to do within the game, with plenty of customization options too. 

Should you download it?

Yes. Biomutant is a fantastic game with stunning visuals and intense combat.


  • Excellent combat system
  • Modifiable weapons allow for diverse gameplay
  • Open world that feels vibrant
  • Decisions in armor matter


  • No multiplayer modes

Biomutantfor Windows


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