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Affordable action-packed online game

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world online game playing out in the last great megalopolis, Night City. Your avatar, V, is a mercenary that combats gangs, elitist mob bosses, cultists, and other unsavory characters to obtain a prototype biochip that gives you immortality. Keep an eye out for Keanu Reeves as his avatar also features as a character on one of your potential quests.

Facial animations & Graphics

The visuals are without a doubt one of the best features that draw players to the game. The realistic graphics and facial animations on each character pull you into their world and make you feel every word and action. 

Night City's design

The developers nailed the Cyberpunk genre in Night City’s design, and once again, the realistic graphics and animations are what’ll keep you glued to the game, despite all the bugs that keep appearing. Sony pulled Cyberpunk 2077 from its online store and issued refunds, as the console version required patches.

Intuitive combat

You won’t find cookie-cutter combat moves in Cyberpunk 2077. Each movement is intuitive and realistic, as much as the characters are. It reminds gamers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, where each mission is unique, and the outcome depends on an array of choices you make along the way.

Individual characters

The character development is intense, and your open-world choices are richly developed with interesting plot twists from friends and foes. You do get invested in every character’s outcome and feel V’s emotions as each story unfolds.

Interesting side quests

From the moment you customize your V avatar, each decision you make leads to a remarkable and well-planned storyline. The people you meet on the journey have unique attributes and missions of their own. It all adds to an immersing overall gameplay experience.

Our take

Cyberpunk 2077 nails each aspect on the head with superb character and storyline development. The plot twists, side quests, and rich character involvement will draw you in for the long run, as soon as all the issues have been sorted out.

Should you download it?

Yes, but only for the PC at this point until the console versions are fixed. It’s an exciting action game that many players will enjoy.


  • Presents open-world action
  • Includes realistic combat scenarios
  • Well-developed characters


    Cyberpunk 2077for Windows


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