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Stealth and action game

Assassin’s Creed: Director's Cut is a massively popular game franchise by Ubisoft Entertainment. The Director’s Cut is a Windows-optimized retelling of Altair’s tale, combining platform gaming, action combat, and story-driven missions. You find yourself amidst the holy wars, killing off powerful targets to tip the scales to your advantage.

Updated and adapted

Many Assassin’s Creed releases, including Odyssey, Valhalla, and Black Flag, are available as PC editions. But still, the Director’s Cut is arguably the most enjoyable way to experience the story on Windows. 

The narrative stars are Altair and his modern-day researcher counterpart, Desmond. The game mostly follows the console-based releases’ plot points but includes some brand-new, exclusive content, too. Notably, there are four new mission types. 

Ubisoft also improved plot-lines and side quests based on player feedback. Some platform-specific changes, such as graphics tweaks and performance improvements help everything run smoothly on the PC screen.

Sandbox gameplay

The world-building in this game is fantastic. All environments appear dynamic and boost immersion, with crowds reacting to quests-related actions and making you carefully consider every step you take. 

Although the gameplay follows a mission structure, each quest is open-ended. You can perform the tasks in your own time, using whatever resources you have to tailor the assassination to the situation. 

The animations of the vivid, historical depictions of the 12th century Holy Land look fluid, as do the sword fights and medieval battles.

Intuitive controls

The PC adaptation features all the controls you’d expect in a native Windows game. Graphics settings to scale performance, customizable controls to best match your playstyle, and proper UI icons make gameplay intuitive.

The missions in the game help drive the gameplay forward, but the sandbox design gives you a lot of freedom. Once you grasp the basics, you’re free to explore the mechanics and choose the most suitable playstyle.

Our take

It seems like Ubisoft picked all elements that make Assassin’s Creed great and put it in the Director’s Cut. It looks better than ever and packs quite a punch for an already-told story. 

Should you download it?

Yes. This PC release is the ideal starting point for newcomers, displaying everything the game brings to the table, while the extra content is there to thrill long-time players.


  • Adapted control system
  • Engaging storyline
  • New content included
  • Looks fantastic
  • Responsive environment


  • Familiar central story
  • Low replayability

Assassin's Creedfor Windows

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