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First-person shooter action game

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter action game that mimics the story plotline of the game's early releases. It offers a realistic military shooter set in the modern period, with updated mechanics, enhanced graphics, and fantastic campaigns for both single-player and multiplayer.

Plot-based gameplay

Activision and Infinity Ward brought back COD 4’s Captain Price and several other familiar faces to the new Modern Warfare. The developers also introduced many original characters to keep the story fresh.

The game takes place in the fictional country of Urzikstan, but some campaign elements send you to real-life locations, too. The present-time plot sometimes makes way for backstories, boosting the prequel gameplay quality.

There’s not a profound overarching narrative; the COD series is more like Counter-Strike than Rainbow Six Siege. Still, the characters are surprisingly relatable, and the nods to other titles are there to make long-term fans smile knowingly.

Singleplayer revival

The linear, mission-based single-player campaign consists of increasingly challenging military tasks. The plot blurs the lines between good and evil, forcing you to make hard choices while shedding blood.

The enemy AI is intelligent and efficient. Between overwhelming boss fights, you even get some chances to pick lines of dialogue that affect the narrative development.

The variety of missions requires strategic thinking and a diverse playstyle, keeping the player occupied throughout.

Two multiplayer campaigns

Alternatively, you can play the cooperative Special Ops or the competitive online multiplayer campaign. Progression and story bits carry over, making both modes worth the play.

The game abandons the three-lane map structure of the earlier releases, choosing a more open-ended setting littered with camping positions to keep you on your toes.

Apart from the traditional game modes, online play lets you take part in competitive, fast-paced matches. You won’t need the battle pass, as the new release syncs up with earlier games for a cross-franchise prestige system. However, the matchmaking isn’t excellent.

Our take

Modern Warfare brings back the original COD atmosphere, making it a must-play for both old-time players and genre newbies. Campaigns are incredibly high-quality, introducing story elements to nonstop shooting action.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s well-designed, runs smoothly, and ensures you’re never bored with its endless military struggle.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Open-ended maps
  • Fantastic campaigns
  • Two multiplayer modes
  • Upgraded gameplay mechanics


  • Poor matchmaking system

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Call of Duty®: Modern Warfarefor Windows


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