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Appvalley provides you with a clean interface that offers services very similar to the Google Play Store. However, unlike the Google store, you don’t need to spend money before downloading an app.

Alternative installer

Appvalley is a service that offers the download of apps you’d typically pay for at no cost.

The app is ideal for Android as it can run on nearly every update, letting you bring new games to an old phone.

The other issue most free APK websites have is that they offer no promise of protection from viruses, as they commonly include in your installation. Appvalley has secure and reliable applications for free.

Because of all the security measures taken, you can download apps without worrying about malware or other malicious code. You can also install several enhanced applications such as Twitter++ or Tinder++.

Unlike most interfaces in similar apps, the one found in Appvalley is created with an advanced algorithm that will keep your downloading simple and searching convenient. The downloading process is identical to the Play Store’s.

Using Appvalley is not without risk, especially when you can’t see the source code. Coders have discovered that there are advertisements implanted and a few other more sinister items. Be careful if you install the application, and ensure you’re using a safe copy.

There’s also the question of where Appvalley stands on a morality scale, since getting paid apps for free is often illegal.

Where can you run this program?

Appvalley is available for Android 4.4 and up as well as iOS 11.0 or later.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Applications such as Appvalley can download and install free games onto your device. Google Play Store is easier to use, but you have to pay for your applications.

Our take

While being a way to install paid and enhanced applications at no cost, this app is decent and has a well-designed interface.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want to download paid apps for free by using a 3rd party application, then you’ll need this.


  • Download other apps for free
  • Great user interface
  • Reliable protection


  • Has some risk

Also available in other platforms

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AppValleyfor Android


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