Apowersoft Screen Recorderfor Windows


Record your screen for free with Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a safe and free screen recorder that can be used to record any activity on your computer screen. The app lets users record exactly what they want instead of always needing to capture the entire screen. Similar applications include Bandicam and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

Unlimited recording

Apersoft Screen Recorder is completely free and doesn't impose any limits on the media that can be recorded with the program. The software can be used to record virtually anything that is being displayed on your computer screen. The app can be used on several different platforms and it requires virtually no technical skills to install and use.

Record multiple screens

You can record multiple screens simultaneously with Apowersoft Screen Recorder. Users can choose which screens they would like to record and can even specify that only a certain part of the screen should be recorded. The application also supports webcam capture and lets users capture their webcam and screen simultaneously; this is a good feature for users who would like to make instructional videos etc.

Our take

Apowersoft Screen Recorder offers a good solution for users who are in need of a flexible screen capture application. The app makes capturing and sharing the contents of your screen a breeze, and it does so in clear HD quality. The app also allows users to capture an unlimited amount of video and is a good productivity tool.

Should you download it?

Yes, Apowesoft Screen Recorder is well-designed and offers many features that you would not expect to find in a free software solution Very user-friendly as well as intuitive, features like the webcam recording functionality make the app a versatile productivity tool for power users and novices alike.


  • Inviting user interface.
  • Requires minimal resources.
  • Runs online and doesn't require installation.
  • Multi-screen recording.


  • Requires installation of a launcher on first-time use.
  • Downloading/uploading recordings can be time-consuming on slower networks.

Apowersoft Screen Recorderfor Windows

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