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The feathered furies are back for some more excitement in the next installment of bird-flinging fun. Angry Birds Journey is the latest iteration in the franchise, bringing with it pleasurable puzzles and toppling towers. With over a hundred levels, it will have you playing for days on end.

What is the story behind Angry Birds Journey?

Angry Birds Journey has new levels for you to cast the classic characters across the sky into the awaiting towers. There are new exotic locations to take on the pigs, while you’ll earn coins for completed stages. The better your performance, the higher your rewards.

Gameplay and features

The platform game features a gameplay mechanic that has become popular in the series. You’ll aim your character at specific targets in an attempt to destroy as many pigs in one fling. Furthermore, there are some hatchlings to rescue, so don’t leave a feathered friend on the battlefield. Each bird has a special trait, so ensure you make the most of their abilities.

Why did Angry Birds get removed?

Rovio Entertainment has taken a new stance with previous classic games, such as Angry Birds Casual and Go! The company decided to no longer update old content but move forward with new titles. That means that all focus will go toward the development of the latest games instead of outdated gems.

Similar games to Angry Birds Journey

If you’re fond of these game types, you should try out Crush the Castle: Siege Master 2. While you’re at the helm of a mighty trebuchet, you’ll cast massive boulders at your opponents. Bunny Shooter shares similar gameplay mechanics if you’d like to shoot the head off the pink furry animal.

Our take

Angry Birds has come a long way since the classic and Star Wars games. You’ll see pretty much the same features, with a few new characters and several exotic locations. It will feel familiar while enticing you with the latest updates.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you have been missing the fun gameplay mechanics of the classic Angry Birds game, you can experience it all over again in Angry Birds Journey, complete with new characters and locations. It's a no-brainer for long-time fans of the series.


  • Provides new characters and locations
  • Save the hatchlings
  • Solve exciting puzzles
  • Receive rewards for completing stages


  • Some stages are impossibly challenging

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Angry Birds Journeyfor iOS


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