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Rovio’s return to the roots

Angry Birds Journey by Rovio Entertainment is the latest part of the global franchise that recently saw the world through a soft launch. It’s a casual and free-to-play smartphone game with slick, adorable graphics, pleasing players with its well-known slingshot mechanics running even smoother in this new title.

Back to basics

After the first bird-slinging game’s massive success, the developers have been playing around with various concepts and spin-off titles such as bubble poppers and tile-matching titles. However, none really reached the level of success that the original did. 

The newest release leans on the same casual puzzle-style approach used for the first game, with the familiar controls to please newbies and veterans. Angry Birds Journey has the main characters travel to new locales as the story unravels. Apart from the well-known personas, players will see various new faces, all in a more vivid, appealing art style.

Addictive gameplay

Angry Birds Journey is, at its core, a puzzle game, with an increasing level of difficulty as you progress through it. However, the mechanics will be familiar and are as straightforward as ever, having you aim and shoot through the touchscreen interface. 

The game takes you to a new location as you get deeper into the story, rewarding you with coins after each successful level. As the initial release, it’s easy to grasp but hard to master, delivering the feature that made the title explode in the first place. 

In-app purchases

You can play this game free of charge, but the numerous in-app purchases the app offers make the gameplay more compelling and less challenging. Some purchase packs are available using the in-game coins you get for level completion, but you’ll also find starter bundles for real money. These offer currency, stamina, and exciting items to enhance your experience.

Our take

Overall, it’s good to see Rovio going back to its roots and taking another go at the original features and gameplay that made this franchise so famous. The title looks and runs even smoother now without complicating the gameplay.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you were a fan of Angry Birds Classic in 2009, you’ll love the return to the straightforward slingshot mechanics the developers chose for their newest title.


  • The latest addition to the popular series
  • Much-loved slingshot mechanics
  • Progressive difficulty levels


  • Available only in select regions

Angry Birds Journeyfor Android


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