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Android assistant for the road

Android Auto can connect to your car to give you access to useful apps for navigation, music, and more. You'll spend more time keeping your eyes ahead and enjoying a safe drive.

The right interface for road trips

Android Auto revolutionizes your phone’s interface for long drives and makes it simple to use your device on the road.

This program takes all of your essential apps for trips and makes them easier to access. Apart from using your car display to choose from icons available on the main screen, it can also connect to certain vehicles. Android Auto is optimized to show you what you need to see in a condensed version on the screen. That means you can access the app launcher, notifications, and Google Assistant, all from the navigation bar.

You can set a route and use the screen to navigate, and also see banners with messages and current tracks playing. In some cases, the screen splits into two, so you can read messages with large text while your map runs on the other half of the display.

Voice commands make it simple to work with the app. They work through Google Assistant. An inconvenience that is prevalent, though, is that Android Auto will temporarily stutter when you use voice commands. Other than that, it has quick response times and understands your words with ease.

Although the interface has a great layout, the clock is hard to see in the top left corner. The navigation bar, although very convenient, takes up a large portion of the screen. This is a bit frustrating if you prefer more room for other programs. Also, the connection can cut out from time to time, which is annoying when you are relying on it for navigation.

Where can you run this program?

This app requires Android 5.0 and above for use.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Despite the setbacks, it’s one of the best options for an easier driving experience. Drivemode is a good choice, but pales in comparison.

Our take

Android Auto does its best to find a balance between safe driving and providing you with access to your calls, messages, and music. Although there are occasional connection issues, the app still brings a lot of useful functions to the dashboard.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want to safely use your Android apps while on the road, Android Auto can meet your needs.


  • Comfortable layout
  • Clear icons


  • Clock is hard to see
  • Navigation bar always on the screen
  • Connection errors

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