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Listen up with Google's TalkBack

At least 405.5 million people have mild to severe vision impairment around the globe. Google released an assistive software called TalkBack you can use to make content more accessible for the community.

Google’s mission in action

This free assistive app from Google is nothing short of helpful

This program is part of Google’s Android Accessibility Suite. The collection has features that assist users who have poor eyesight or are blind. TalkBack is just one out of the four components found in the Android Accessibility Service.

The narrating software aids people hard of seeing in navigating their devices. You can use it to navigate a page by reading headlines, links, specific characters, and other choices.

You can also dim the screen through the menu to save power when TalkBack is enabled. Other control schemes for this command can be done by repeatedly pressing the volume button for three times.

Visually impaired users receive assistance from Talkback when trying to learn new apps. The assistive software observes your interactions with an app and sends you notifications to make it easier for you to use. It also has an Explore by Touch feature. This function reads the area of the screen you’ve pressed for you. You can gesture to select the text you want to have narrated.

Sensitive information detected by the reader so it’s best to be mindful when typing personal data such as bank details and other figures.

Set the pace

A continuous reading feature also comes with the app, allowing you to browse pages uninterrupted without further prompting. You can activate this by shaking the device.

Google’s screen reader also offers advanced assistance. You can make the app be more attuned to your taste when it comes to narration. Certain units of speech can be repeated if you didn’t catch what the assistive reader said. Customize the verbosity of your reader or the pitch of the narrator to make listening fun.

Where can you run this program?

Android users, it’s your lucky day. You can find this app on your device’s settings. No installing necessary.

Is there a better alternative?

With Braille-compatible features, JAWS can also read the content on a PC screen it’s installed in. This computer screen reader was developed by Freedom Scientific and only works with Microsoft Windows.

Our take

The app has a solid support system which makes it easy for users to learn how to use TalkBack. It also comes with an intuitive interface. It was developed by a reputable company dedicated to making information accessible for Internet users.

Should You Download It?

You already have this app if you have an Android device. Consider downloading its accessibility suite if you want to keep the eyes-free options docked in a single app.


  • Can read emojis
  • Offers alternative control schemes
  • Good support system
  • Free


  • Could use advanced features for sensitive data protection
  • Reported bugs
  • Has a confusing interface
  • Pronunciation needs improvement

Program available in other languages

Android Accessibility Suitefor Android


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