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Perfect for lengthy uploads

This app keeps your computer awake so that downloads and applications can run uninterrupted. This is a powerful tool that ensures your tasks don’t shut down while you’re away.

Prevent serious bugs

Amphetamine is the application equivalent to a caffeine boost for your Mac.

With this program, you can rest assured that your projects will finish without your constant supervision. Its main purpose is to avoid their spontaneous shutdown. You can opt to keep both your desktop and display awake, or you can use the advanced features to turn off your monitor or screen while your apps continue functioning in the background.

You can also set specific times on different days for the program to activate. Choose the moments you want your device to stay alert by customizing the schedule.

Amphetamine overrides your Mac’s standard energy-saving feature. While you can modify this in the default settings on your device, it’s much easier to do so with this program’s interface.

There are no additional add-ons or pro versions; when you choose Amphetamine you automatically gain access to all of the features with no strings attached.

The application is straight-forward, and there are no hidden pop-ups or requests to review it. Sometimes these messages can cause issues with current processes, so it’s great that they’re not included.

The program supports AppleScript. The smart tool features an auto-end session, for when your battery power is running low.

There is an application named Caffeine, however funny it sounds. Amphetamine is similar, but with a few extras that make it the better choice. It’s especially great for programmers that might fall asleep during long work hours where an automatic sleep timer could ruin an entire project.

Where can you run this program?

The application requires OS X 10.11 and later.

Is there a better alternative?

No. There’s a very similar program, Caffeine, that offers similar features. Amphetamine, though, has regular updates and a simple interface.

Our take

If you’ve ever tried to work with the default settings on PCs and Macs, you know it’s often overly complicated. That’s where this app shines. It makes it easy to configure and modify when your device and specific apps will turn off.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for an app that’ll make sure your programs stay awake, this is a great solution.


  • Overrides standard energy-saving function
  • Keeps apps awake


  • Limited app support

Program available in other languages

Amphetaminefor Mac


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