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AIMPfor Windows

5.03 build 2397


Play your music for free with the AIMP music player

The AIMP music player application is a good media player that offers a viable alternative to other, more established, media players. The application is available for use on several different platforms, including mobile versions. Other applications that are similar to AIMP include Audacity and iTunes.

Play almost any type of audio file with AIMP

AIMP is a small and light media player application that can be used to play a wide range of music files in HD quality. Almost all of the most popular music file types are supported by the application. The AIMP application is available for free download and can be used on a wide variety of desktop and mobile operating systems.

Continued development of new features

The AIMP application development team are constantly adding new features to the application. They also offer high levels of help and support to users who need it. All versions of the application undergo extensive beta testing before they are released to minimize bugs and other problems.

Our take

The application includes the possibility to edit metadata using the built-in batch MP3 tag editor function. This is useful for users who prefer to keep their music libraries well organized without too much fuss. The player also comes with other interesting features, such as the ability to skip a track automatically if it was played recently.

Should you download it?

The AIMP application makes it easy to create playlists and comes with several tools that can be used to make smarter playlists. The app can automatically create playlists based on certain criteria, such as the number of times a specific song is played.


  • Automatically organizes your music library.
  • Supports multiple audio file types.
  • Doesn't require any advanced IT skills to use.
  • Available on a variety of operating systems.


  • User interface lacks modern design.
  • Graph amplifier could do with some fine-tuning.
  • No ability to share playlists directly with friends from within the app.
  • No ability to listen to DAB radio stations through the app.

AIMPfor Windows

5.03 build 2397

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