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The Advanced Download Manager & Torrent Downloader (or ADM for short) is a free APK program developed for Android, Windows, and Mac devices. AMD is used to simplify the process of downloading content off of the Internet quickly and seamlessly.

About ADM

ADM is a tool that intercepts files from browsers and downloads them for you, accelerating download times using multithreading processes. Using ADM, you can download links copied from your browsers or your clipboard. You can also download files in the background while working on other tasks, and resume any failed downloads rather than restart them from the beginning. 

ADM can download many different files, including music and video files. It functions as a powerful torrent downloader. Using ADM’s advanced and intuitive menus, you can organize and filter the torrents you download. The app can also provide you with helpful information about those torrents and their files.

ADM comes with its own built-in browser, supporting the use of multiple tabs and access to the browser’s search history and saved bookmarks. Users can also use the built-in browser to download files as well.

The Advanced Download Manager is free to use but comes with ads. As an alternative, an ADM pro version was available for purchase; however, Google has removed it from their Google Play store. 

Other download managers

Compared to some other downloaders — like IDM download manager — ADM has multiple useful features that give it a considerable edge. Users applaud ADM’s different settings and accelerated download speeds compared to IDM. ADM’s inclusion of a browser feature is also praised. 

AMD is also one of the fastest download managers that you can find, faster than even Loader Droid or Download Accelerator Plus.

Our take

AMD is a useful app for managing multiple or large downloads and is useful for torrent downloading if you need one. 

However, the APK isn’t easy to use. The user interface can be very confusing if you lack the technical know-how. Plus, compared to many video browser downloaders like Freemake Video, AMD won’t allow you to download videos from YouTube. AMD pro isn’t available on the Google Play store either, making it a frustrating experience for users who don’t want to look at ads. 

Despite its setbacks, however, AMD remains one of the most reliable and flexible download managers to use on your devices.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s a great app, despite the complicated interface.


  • Fastest download manager available
  • Powerful
  • Built-in internet browser
  • Torrent downloading


  • Requires some experience
  • Not easily accessible
  • Can’t download YouTube videos

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Advanced Download Manager Torrent downloaderfor Android


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