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In 3on3 Freestyle, you can take on online and AI opponents in 3-on-3 multiplayer matches with characters that have unique skill sets and traits. There are also special tricks and abilities to master.

Rule the court with street basketball

3on3 Freestyle delivers an immersive street basketball experience for PC players with decent graphics and characters that you can customize.

Made by the same developer that created Freestyle 2, 303 Freestyle provides street basketball fans with the opportunity to play 3-on-3 multiplayer matches online. You can also play local games, but you’re restricted to playing against AI Bots. There is also a mode for 1-on-1 matches and a practice lobby to test your character skills.

While 303 Freestyle has been available on console for a few years, JoyCity branded the PC version ‘303 Freestyle: Rebound’ when it was released on 15 July 2020. The developer adapted the controls for mouse and keyboard, making it easier for PC veterans to enjoy.

Unfortunately, there is only one generic court for you to play on, which gives Freestyle 2 an advantage. However, 303 Freestyle has extra character traits and skills, making this street basketball game more appealing. Other issues include the absence of an in-game chat mode to communicate with your teammates and a fixed camera angle.

The game presents good graphics with some decent character models. You can show off your tricks and skills on the court, thanks to the smooth mechanical design. The lobby allows for a large online community to play at any time unless the servers are down for maintenance.

Where can you run this program?

The minimum requirement is Windows 10 64-bit operating system with 10 GB free space.

Is there a better alternative?

No. 303 Freestyle: Rebound for the PC is the latest improved edition over the console versions while providing better character skills over Freestyle 2.

Our take

303 Freestyle may be lacking in court variations and an in-game chat mode, but it rivals the console versions with re-engineered graphics and gameplay.

Should you download it?

Yes. JoyCity optimized 303 Freestyle for PC gamers, providing a great street basketball multiplayer experience despite some of its flaws.

3on3 Freestylefor Windows


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