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Free music editing and recording application

Virtual DJ Music Mixer is a free audio editing and recording application that allows users to record or use songs from their playlists to remix. It has several intuitive features that make this app an entertaining pastime to enjoy.

What can Virtual DJ Music Mixer do?

You can start remixing music from the get-go. You can play two tracks at once, either from your playlist or from the seven that the app provides. The automated tracks are short and sound similar to each other. There are several remix options, but none of the buttons have labels, so instructions are unclear when you’re getting started.

The interface is incredibly bright and colorful and overall fun to look at, but confusing if you’re unfamiliar with DJ mixing applications. Unfortunately, there aren’t any instructions available.

Players can also record their songs and save them to their devices. Sometimes there’s a bug that prevents the song from being saved or even recorded, which is a huge downside. 

Aside from adding a few beats to the tracks, players also have an equalizer to change the song’s sound and bass. 

Is it free?

This application is completely free to download on your mobile device.

Our take

The application itself is nothing too special. There are only seven automated tracks for users to choose from, and they all sound more or less the same. The interface is confusing, and there are no clear instructions on how the application works. 

There are several glitches and bugs, and the last update was in 2018, so there doesn’t seem to be any hope of the bugs being fixed soon. Much better alternatives include GarageBand or Audacity.

Should you download it?

It depends. If you need to pass the time, give this application a try. We wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who’s looking for something more sophisticated. Despite this, it’s still a fun little app if you can ignore the numerous pop-up ads. If you’re just looking for a music player with advanced features, you can try Avee Music Player Pro.


  • Colorful interface
  • Small download size


  • Numerous bugs
  • Confusing interface

Program available in other languages

Virtual DJ Music Mixerfor Android


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