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A lightweight & attractive music player

Avee Pro is a music player that offers almost total support of all media formats and a highly customizable visualizer that improves your listening experience. It is available on Android and has plenty to keep users engaged and interested. 

Main features 

Avee Music Player boasts two different UI skins, two internal players, a widget for your status bar and lock screen, and the ability to save a playlist. It also has a handy sleep-timer to ensure that your battery isn’t wasted should you fall asleep while listening.

It has folder browsing, cross-fade transitions, and, interestingly, an audio frequency equalizer filter. You’ll find all this and much more in the app. 

Of course, many music players of comparable quality share similar features, but interesting visualizers aren’t always included; that’s where Avee Music Player Pro comes in. 


The visualizer is the key to what differentiates this music player from the rest. This feature creates movements in the form of a wave or similar in tune with the music. You can edit size, shape, and color from the app to design your very own audio visualizer. Should you find yourself looking for more templates for the visualizer, you can search online for others that people have created and shared. 


If you’re into video editing, you’re in luck. With this app, you can design HD videos to pair with your favorite music and share them with your friends by uploading them to YouTube or Facebook.

Our take

Avee Music Player Pro is an interesting option if you are looking for something different. It has a lot to offer its users, including a most helpful sleep-timer, so there’s little reason not to give it a try. 

Should you download it?

Yes, you should download it. Avee Music Player Pro has proven itself to be an excellent music player for Android.


  • Customizable visualizer
  • Lightweight
  • Modern-looking
  • Sleep-timer


  • Only a few social sharing options

Program available in other languages

Avee Music Player Profor Android


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