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Viking-inspired exploration and survival game

Valheim by Iron Gate AB is an exploration and survival game inspired by Norse mythology. You become a Viking warrior, setting out on a quest to defeat the beasts of the land. Build strongholds, sail ships, and craft weapons to fight the ever-increasing threats and satisfy the gods.

Prove yourself worthy

Valheim is a place of order and peace, but the story events unfold to send you on a journey to reach the gate of Valhalla, the home of fallen warriors. You’ll have to defeat monsters and prove your worth. Otherwise, your soul ends up in the underworld for eternal torture.

Roam the forests and mountains, harvesting materials to craft weapons, strongholds, and armor. Like in a similar game, Northgard, there’s a strategic element to what you gather and how you use it.

Clear progression path

The game isn’t challenging in terms of controls. When you first launch Valheim, Odin’s raven will show up, acting as your guide. You’ll begin to learn the fundamentals of farming, crafting, terraforming, and combat. 

Like in Skyrim and similar recent role-playing games (RPGs), progress feels natural. The challenge rating rises with your skills, always keeping you engaged. You start in a meadow, learning to build simple shelters and hunt animals for food. You’ll also craft your first weapon and battle weaker opponents. 

Comprehensive gameplay

The massive, procedurally-generated gameplay world of Valheim offers plenty of variety on your PC screen. Each environment looks fantastic and feels unique with its legendary creatures and realistic wildlife. 

You’ll also summon and defeat legendary mythological bosses. Each victory makes you a bit more powerful for the next one. 

The combat requires some getting used to at first. Once you have a firm grasp of the basics, you can brave the lands in the co-op mode. This game supports two to ten players on one server, letting you adventure with the support of trusty allies.

Our take

Overall, Valheim is an excellent title for any RPG fan. Its vast, beautiful world, immersive plot, and unique mechanics make it a must-play.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s engaging and entertaining from the get-go. Try it with friends for an even better experience.


  • Beautiful design
  • Extensive gameplay options
  • Natural progress
  • Realistic building
  • Myth-inspired bosses


  • Combat learning curve

Valheimfor Windows


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