The Day Beforefor Windows



Post-pandemic survival MMO game

The Day Before is a game designed for the Windows platform by FANTASTIC and MYTONA. This is a multiplayer game, allowing you to interact with other players.

Eye-opening revelations

The Day Before is an open-world survival MMO game set in a deadly, post-pandemic America. The country is overrun by flesh-hungry, infected humans and survivors killing each other for food, weapons, and cars.  

The first of many, the game follows a player who wakes up alone, unable to remember anything. You set out for answers and find yourself scavenging for food, clothes, survival gear, and fighting zombies. Can you survive this new reality of your life? 

Mode of survival

Much like the MMO’s Guild wars 2, and ArcheAge this game is all about survival. Navigating through uncharted terrain and overrun with the infected. You are equipped with a backpack that can hold up to 25 items, weapons, medical supplies, food, and much more. 

You can scavenge the city, looking for other survivors to colonize and save the human race. It would help if you were more vigilant and careful; not everyone is trustworthy.

Journey in a new world 

When playing, you can customize your look, and you also have to kill the infected before they infect you. Battle other players with guns and weapons and advance to new levels. You get to explore a unique, beautiful, and dangerous terrain with realistic vehicles. You’ll search for survivors and form a new colony where you can sell the things you find and speak to other players in a safe space.

Our take

With the excellent graphics and thrilling storyline, the hype is real! 

Should you download it?

Yes. Killing zombies and rebuilding a world of your own is something most gamers are looking for; this is a must-have game.


  • Windows supported
  • Online support from other players
  • Customizing your look
  • Realistic graphics (guns, weapons, vehicles)
  • Colonize your new world


  • 75GB of storage space required for download

The Day Beforefor Windows


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