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Free live streaming app

Like Weverse and Choeaedol, V Live is a free live streaming app that lets celebrities from South Korea stream live videos and connect with their fans. Fans can download and upgrade the app, which offers more features than Instagram.

Connect with the stars and your peers

You can use V Live to connect with the K-pop stars and other members by sending live chat messages and hearts. View the photos and videos posted by other members. You can also view fan letters prepared by celebrities on the welcome kit and early ticketing platforms. 

The general (free) and paid channels are now combined, so you can see everything your favorites are doing during their free time by subscribing to their channels. You can subscribe to as many channels as you like. 

Live shows at the tip of your finger

Watch live shows of all your favorite artists; go to the main tab and click on the link to get a list of all the available live shows. Scroll down to see who is currently streaming and tap on the video of choice. 

You can also create alerts for all your subscribed channels so that you can receive notifications whenever they go live. 

Our take

These days, watching live videos of all your favorite events, people, and interests is what’s ‘in.’ Why not watch all your favorite K-pop stars like BTS, Blackpink, Pty, and more all in one place?  

Should you download it?

Yes. If you love K-pop music and enjoy watching live performances of all your favorite Korean musicians, as well as communicating with them and other fans like you, then this is a fantastic app for you.


  • Chat with all your favorite artists and peers.
  • Watch live videos after they broadcast.
  • Variety of South Korean artists at your fingertips


  • Limited to only South Korean artists
  • Only use the app from your phone or PC

V LIVEfor Android


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