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Central Ubisoft gaming platform

Ubisoft combined its Ubisoft Club and Uplay services into a new unified platform called Connect. It couples the game library and streaming tools with a community spirit. This portal lets players compete, collaborate, and complete challenges across various devices and consoles through a single utility.

A Connected Ubisoft Portal

The new interface expands the Uplay options for PC gamers and promises a more accessible, cross-platform experience. It runs on PCs, various consoles, including PS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox, and features Android and Apple smartphone apps.

All you need to do is link your accounts to synchronize data between various platforms. Connect carries over your information, letting you access past progress on any device. Note, however, that it only works in games that support the cross-save features. 

How It Works

Connect's user interface displays the hundreds of available titles, similar to clients such as Steam and Origin, but specific to Ubisoft services. From Watch Dogs: Legion, the game that started this new platform, to the latest releases, you'll find them all through the search bar.

There are free, demo, and paid games. Purchasing a membership gives you access to all of the titles without extra costs, though.

Rewards and Challenges

Connect continued the legacy of Uplay in the form of in-game reward points, which you can use to unlock exclusive content, levels, and collectibles. 

It took a slightly different approach, revolving around in-game challenges and rewarding achievements. Each time you complete one, you earn experience points, increasing your level and collecting units, the new reward currency.

You'll see two challenge types - Core and Timed. The former displays your progress in individual games. The latter comes in a time-framed format, and new ones show up after the old ones expire, boosting competition and excitement.

Our take

Ubisoft Connect is a well-rounded all-in-one platform for playing the games by this provider. It's logical and refined, features no learning curve, and the in-game rewards add a wonderful cherry on top, making it fantastic for any gamer big on this developer. 

Should you download it?

Yes, it's the best way to interact with friends while enjoying Ubisoft titles. Plus, it's super straightforward, ensuring a fantastic gaming experience.


  • Cross-play and cross-saving
  • Works across gaming platforms
  • Massive library of games
  • Achievement reward system


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    Ubisoft Connectfor iOS


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