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Mod Creator for Minecraf‪t‬

Mod Creator for Minecraf‪t‬ allows you to modify Minecraft with little or no coding knowledge necessary. It allows you to create a range of custom content for your game world.

Add and modify Minecraft content

This application is designed to allow people with any level of expertise to modify the popular video game, Minecraft. Using this application, you can create custom character skins, mobs, blocks, and items. The custom content you create can be superficial—such as a character skin—or change the way the game plays—such as a custom block with new behaviors.

Coding without coding

Rather than use standard code to create mods, users can take advantage of Mod Creator for Minecraft’s visual block-based coding system, which aims to be easy to use regardless of your level of skill with programming. Using this system, the user can create mods that change things like mob behavior, the weather, build mini-games, and more.

Our take

Mod Creator for Minecraft provides a lot of capability in a system that is user-friendly and easy to pick up. The developers also intend for this app to be a learning aid, acting as a gateway to a wider coding experience, which is why their “Pro” membership gives you access to lots of tutorials. As a Minecraft modding tool, the app does what it sets out to.

Should you download it?

The app itself is free and is generally well-received by users, so it is worth downloading if you want to mod Minecraft and don’t have the expertise to do it with code. If you are not interested in getting into coding, however, you may want to pass on the pro subscription. You will need a Minecraft account to play the game, or you may prefer a different game like Roblox, which also encourages children to get into coding.


  • Can be used to make a wide range of Minecraft mods
  • Block coding system is ideal for people with no coding experience


  • Does not contain all the existing Minecraft content for modding
  • Requires a pro subscription to access tutorials

Program available in other languages

Mod Creator for Minecraftfor iOS


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